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Now and Soon

Vic is currently part of the cast of the following productions:

Checkpoint Theatre's Eat Duck by Zenda Tan as Elisha;

PLAYtime! Esplanade's Us by Daniel Jenkins as Alice;

W!ld Rice's Fair Play by Thomas Lim as GIRL.

Vic recently graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with the Principal's Award for All-Round Excellence in the School of Drama, Dance, Production and Screen. She is an Associate Artist with transnational company Bhumi Collective, with whom she won the Edinburgh Student Art Festival's Best Performing Artist Award for her performance in Charlie.

In 2020, Vic will be making her professional directorial debut in Singapore with Three Little Girls, a multidisciplinary experience which considers the intersection between spaces of empowerment and religion in the Southeast Asian female sex industry, and its growing dependence on digital technology.


★★★★★ from The Saint for Charlie, Vic's solo 1-to-1 interactive piece

★★★★ from The Wee Review for Table at The Citz in which Vic played Su-Lin


The Bruce Millar Drama Award

Principal's Award for All-Round Excellence in the School of Drama, Dance, Production and Screen

ESAF Best Performing Artist Award


Make Trouble Scholarship

Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship

The Schoolhouse Residency Fellowship



Mighty Quinn Foundation: Quinn Rooney Shakespeare Scholarship

European Union: Erasmus Study Grant



Royal Conservatoire of Scotland: Three-Year Undergraduate Scholarship

Acting CV

Theatre CV


Singapore • Glasgow

Vic aims to work internationally and embraces the beauty in the ephemerality and immediacy of life. Apart from acting on stage and screen, she directs, teaches and creates for people of all backgrounds and ages. 

Vic has trained in Australia, Iceland, USA, UK, China and Singapore, and draws inspiration from both Eastern and Western forms. Her works challenge the definitions of live performance, through the exploration of theatrical conventions as individual forms of communication within rigorous processes of trial and error. Her multidisciplinary practice takes form as solo works or within collaborations with practitioners from various disciplines. Vic's work situates itself within spaces that achieve a sense ephemerality and immediacy through film and recorded sound, and vice versa: retaining a sense of permanence in transient forms like live performance and interaction. Vic aims to break apart cultural stereotypes through the presentation of unheard voices and narratives, usually from the BAME community.

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