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school of the arts


Vic's training in Singapore's only pre-tertiary arts institution has been highly significant in defining her aesthetic and approach to theatre. In addition to a holistic education combining the arts and academics, Vic's practical training focused on creative processes, physical and devised theatre, and hence she defines herself more as a creator than an actor, and one who revels in interdiscplinary connections.


During her time in SOTA, Vic studied the history of theatre and dramaturgy, and took on various production, design, and performing roles. In 2008, she was selected for the Outstanding Performance Award, and attended a weeklong intensive at Brisbane's Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre the next year.


Vic was (and is) a huge advocate for equal opportunity and social awareness, having conducted English and Drama workshops in the Philippines and Thailand. She continues to push for social relevance and representation in her work.

2008 – 2012