Photo credits: Shawna Chia, Chong Lii, Ken Dundas, Yu Tong Lai, Kejia Lu,

Amanda McRaven, Ng Jun Jie, Lokman Salikoon, Colleen Sullivan, Jiunn Wang

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Listaháskóli Íslands

Vic spent the autumn semester as an Erasmus exchange student in Reykjavík, Iceland at the Listaháskóli Íslands Academy of the Arts under the BA Theatre and Performance Making program in 2016.


Within 3 days of leaving the Academy at Stratford, she began a weeklong internship with Reykjavík Dance Festival and LÓKAL as a crew member and photographer, also assisting international artists. Subsequently she wrote a semi-autobiographical play and produced a staging of Garret Jon Groenveld's The Hummingbirds as part of the Writing and Directing modules. Theoretical exposure included a study of Icelandic identity through art, and articles written by Chantal Mouffe, Silvija Jestrovic, Jacques Ranciere, Guy Debord, Peggy Phelan among others.

Vic hopes to return to Iceland both as a tourist and artistic collaborator. She still has yet to try fermented shark, but she would rather pass on the liquorice.