Photo credits: Shawna Chia, Chong Lii, Ken Dundas, Yu Tong Lai, Kejia Lu,

Amanda McRaven, Ng Jun Jie, Lokman Salikoon, Colleen Sullivan, Jiunn Wang

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creative edge

Shortly before attaining her International Baccalaureate Diploma, Vic was awarded a full scholarship for a newly-established theatre training program in Singapore. As the youngest member in the pioneer ensemble, she spent the next eighteen months juggling professional work and training in Creative Edge.


The course included introductory sessions to Lecoq, Chinese Opera and Meyerhold, with masterclasses in Neutral, Trance and Trestle masks. Simone Tani, UK companies Frantic Assembly and Tall Stories also conducted workshops.


The ensemble then staged a local play, People by Joel Tan, controlling all aspects of pre-production work, before ending with a devised piece for children, Under the Dragon Moon, as part of the Ace! Festival.

2013 – 2014