Photo credits: Shawna Chia, Chong Lii, Ken Dundas, Yu Tong Lai, Kejia Lu,

Amanda McRaven, Ng Jun Jie, Lokman Salikoon, Colleen Sullivan, Jiunn Wang

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make trouble

The directors of Shakespeare Academy @ Stratford invited Vic back to the United States in July 2016, this time a full scholarship for the Make Trouble program in Staunton, Virginia.


The program focused on the Suzuki Method of Actor Training and Viewpoints, and a production of Pericles, in which Vic played the titular character. Although the program only lasted for 3 weeks, rehearsals for Pericles started 3 months virtually, via shared documents on Google Drive, a Facebook page and multiple Skype sessions. The process required the ensemble to submit original text and video responses to various assignments allocated by director Thadd McQuade.

In addition, the program included the Lab Projects, a series of independently led creative endeavours by the ensemble. Vic's Lab Project was a development of the play she had written as an artist with The Schoolhouse Residency in Beijing, China. Titled Jade, it was developed further and had an informal premiere at the New Works Laboratory @ Stratford, of which Vic was an artist-in-residence in August 2016.