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Role: Maeve (lead)

Director: Tamara Tan

Studio: Hoe Jian Wei Productions


A high school student struggles to find her identity through conflicts in school and at home.

THE sunday afternoon running club (2017)

Role: Sarah (lead)

Director: Ruaraidh McKay

Studio: Not A Dog Productions

When out for a run one day Sarah sees an elite running club and falls for one of the runners. Does she have what it takes to join the team, and impress the man of her dreams? Let's see how fast she can run...

Night's dream (2016)

Role: Designer (lead)

Director: Conor McMahon

Studio: Cinescape


A workaholic designer ends up trapped in a world of her ideas and has to find a way out before her creations do.


Produced in celebration of Shakespeare400.


Role: Young Woman

Director: Andy Kettu

Proof of concept for a music video.

A young woman uses her brother's necronomicon to bring him back to life, but not in the way she expected.

so can you (2014)

Role: Grace (lead)

Director: Abhi Kumar

Studio: Warrior9

Grace is a teenager who believes that nobody wants her. This is the story of how she finds her courage.

Commissioned by the Equestrian Federation of Singapore.

singer (2014)

Role: Xuan

Director: Rachel Phua

Studio: Studio 3b


Meng prepares for his debut performance at his school's National Day skit but he has one problem: he can't sing. Along the way, his family members try their best to support him but when it's time to take the stage, Meng finally learns what it means to complete the song.


Selected for the ciNE65 Mentorship Programme 2015


moonlight cleaning (2014)

Role: Girl (lead)

Director: Melinda Tan

Studio: Studio 3b


Two sisters, a quarrel, and a cleaning service. A young girl decides to leave memories of her sister behind, only to find that some bonds cannot be easily forgotten.


Finalist for the Cathay Motion Picture Awards 2014

paper boxes (2012)

Role: Michelle (lead)

Director: Melinda Tan

Studio: studiothree


A short film about friendship and memories through the eyes of two best friends just before one of them migrates to Australia.


Premiered at 8th InDPanda Short Film Festival (HK)

Official selection for 18th Portobello Film Festival (UK) and The Substation's First Take 2013

Screened at Georgetown Festival 2013 (MY) 




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