Photo credits: Shawna Chia, Chong Lii, Ken Dundas, Yu Tong Lai, Kejia Lu,

Amanda McRaven, Ng Jun Jie, Lokman Salikoon, Colleen Sullivan, Jiunn Wang

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Vic was awarded a scholarship to attend the Shanghai Theatre Academy Summer School Program with 19 other international participants, who specialized in various fields like dramatic literature, classical voice and mass communication. The three-week course consisted of practical training in basic Peking Opera movements (character traits and stage combat), introductory lectures and theoretical discussions.

As one of two fluent mandarin-speaking participants on the course, Vic also served as a translator for her counterparts.

Vic performed an excerpt of William Sun's Peking Opera adaptation of Miss Julie for her final presentation. She was trained by Xu Jiali, the original performer for the role.


In future, Vic hopes to expand her physical vocabulary to include influences from other traditional Asian theatre forms. She also looks forward to working in China and collaborating with artists there.